The Orobie magazine tells us about Otus

The Orobie magazine tells us about Otus

The article “Beer craftsmen” published on no. 226 in August by Silvia Tropea Montagnosi

The beer world is complex. The excellent ones can be recognised by tasting them and maybe what Renzo Arbore stated in an old advertisement is not always true: “Beer, and you know what you are drinking” wrote Silvia Tropea Montagnosi.

The craft brewery based in Seriate has recently drawn experts’ attention thank to the silver medal for the new Oatmeal Stout Ambranera during the most important beer Italian contest (Year’s Best Beer 2018 in Rimini during the international exhibition Beerattraction, dedicated to craft beers) and piqued growing curiosity of the specialised and non-specialised press.

It is particularly interesting the way Otus guarantees sensory and quality consistency of its beers, that are organic and chemical additive-free. An ability that is not always granted in the craft beer world and that represents a value not only for retailers, but also for consumers: who drinks an Otus beer is certain to find the same taste and the same scent.

The prestigious Orobie magazine took interest in Otus too by dedicating to it a huge part of the article about local craft beer production: an independent breweries production reality that has gained national importance and the authoritative appreciation of Eugenio Signorini, Italian Beers’ Guide editor by Slow Food, who considers the beer reality in Bergamo as a “benchmark”.

During the visit at Otus brewery, the Bergamo’s gastronomic panorama experienced journalist could notice the equipment and raw material quality, as well as the operational rigour in every single production phase. She finally tasted the pleasure to drink Otus. In the interview, the brewer Alessandro Reali explains how the uniqueness of any craft beer is the result of a long experimentation to find out the time, temperatures, mash and wort acidity, the moment to add hops and aromas and to safely run the brewing phase. “Experiments are endless and sacrifices are numerous, but it is all well repaid with the immediate public approval that we gained” says Alessandro Reali. The journalist appreciated also the Otus teaching and popularisation effort: “The brewery host pupils and offers guided tastings for small groups inside the company”. The beautiful photos by Marco Mazzoleni equip an article that deserves to be read.

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