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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file (letters or numbers) that enables a website to remember pieces of information on the browser to reuse it during your visit on a website (session cookies) or later (permanent cookies). According to your actions and preferences, cookies are remembered by the browser on the used device (computer, tablet, smartphone). Similar technologies like web beacon, transparent GIF and all kinds of local storage introduced by HTML5 can be used to gather information on the user’s behaviour and services’ usage. Cookies are used to guarantee a correct procedures functioning and to improve the usage of online applications. Detailed information about how we, WWW.QUATROERRE.COM, use cookies and how we control them are given hereinafter.

Categories of cookies

Visiting our website, either cookies owned by the website or cookies controlled by other organisations (third-party cookies) ca be received. Third-party cookies mean that cookies are transferred to and from websites controlled by third-parties. The management of pieces of information gathered by third-parties is regulated by the related policy that should be read. To assure transparency and convenience, a table can be analysed where all third-parties are paired with their website policy and the website cookies control.

According to characteristics and usage, cookies can be divided into categories as follows:

Technical cookies: they are used just to transfer a communication on an electronic communication net, or, if necessary, to a service provider of a corporate when requested by the user to receive that service. These cookies have not further purposes and are normally installed by the website controller or processor. All technical cookies do not require the consent of the user and are automatically installed when entering the website. It is important to highlight that to regularly provide online services, the website Controller, QUATTROERRE SRL, need to use technical cookies. In case those cookies are blocked, for technical causes, QUATTROERRE SRL will not be able to provide all or some services.

Technical cookies can be divided into:

Permanent cookies and session cookies, that guarantee the correct functioning of the Internet browser.


Function cookies enable to browser on the basis of selected criteria (e.g. language) to improve the service.




Permanent cookies


Session cookies


Permanent cookies

Google Analytics cookies are directly used by the website controller to gather information on the number of users and how they visit the website.



Google tracking (see policy)

Permanent cookies

See Analytics

Google Adwords Cookies are used to gather information about users’ preferences for behaviour advertising. For further information, read the policy.

Since cookies and other tracking systems installation by third-parties with services inside this application cannot be controlled by the controller, any specific reference to cookies and tracking systems installed by third-parties is declarative. To get more detailed information the privacy policy of third parties services here mentioned should be read.

In view of the complexity of cookies technologies identification and their strict integration with the web, the user can contact the controller to receive any deepening about cookies and their usage, e.g. by third-parties on this website.


Consent is not needed as far as technical cookies are concerned. However, the user declares its consent for own or third-party profiling cookies (that aim to create a user’s profile to send him advertising messages according to his preferences) or third-party analytics cookies (that do not collect information in an aggregated form) by continuing to visit the website, by both selecting an element on the page behind the banner (e.g. clicking a link or image) or clicking “OK” on the banner.


The user can decide to accept cookies or not also using his browser settings. Blocking third-party cookies do not compromise the web use. The setting can be defined specifically for a website or application. Moreover, the best browsers enable to define different settings for third-party cookies and the website’s cookies. E.g. Firefox, Tools-> Options -> Privacy, a control panel can be accessed, where you can accept different cookies or not and erase them.



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