"We think that we are well-established in the sector thank to our passion for the act of “making” that can be breathed in our family’s daily routine and among our people and thank to the vocation for concreteness, a work ethics peculiarity from Bergamo".

Quattroerre sells quality wines, beers and Italian spirits with a full and specialised service, providing competitive solutions to business operators in pouring and catering sectors in the national and international market.

Dino Rota (Cavaliere al Merito della Repubblica)

Quattroerre was founded in 1982.

The aim of the founder Dino Rota was to create an efficient sales connection in the winemaking sector between producers and consumers. Dino soon involved his sons Luca, Enrico, Maurizio and Giampietro, forming a high-skilled team. Today Quattroerre works successfully in Northern Italy and has expanded not only all over Europe, but also into Asian and American markets.

Aree di business

  • Wine & spirits - 45 %
  • Beer - 45 %
  • Others - 10 %


More than 6.000 square meters
More than 1.000 points of sale in Italy
More than 2.000.000 liters sold every year

High-skilled team

  • High-skilled team with more than 35 years of expertise.
  • Deep entrenchment in the Italian winemaking culture.
  • Great passion for quality beer and tapping art.
  • Attitude for innovation


QUATTROERRE was founded in Torre de’ Roveri (BG), positioning itself as a company specialised in distributing beverages for catering and pouring sectors.
The attitude for taking the taste evolution hints has been a characteristic since the very origin and makes Quattroerre an ideal partner for customers who are willing to update according to market changes. Our ability to select and supply successful products with a safe, quick and cost-effective supply service is the key for our continuous growth. Consultation plays a key-role within the company. In fact we have founded a vocational and further training centre for customers, where many theoretical and practical specialised courses both about wine and beer are offered.

1982: The company was founded.
1985: In-keg wine supply for wine on tap started (among the first companies in Italy).
1987: Importation of high-quality German beer in kegs started.
1990: The company expanded from 1000 to 3000 sm.
1992: The first wine sector customers’ training centre was founded.
1995: Villa Domizia was founded. It was the first Quattroerre brand dedicated to the production of local wines.
1998: The customers’ training centre started to operate also in the beer industry.
2000: The showroom and the wine customers’ training centre were expanded.
2005: The expansion reached 6000 sm.
2005: First review “Birrogastronomica” dedicated to caterers’ and baristas’ further training.
2009: Reorganisation and expansion of the original headquarters and opening of new trade offices.
2010: Launch of the new Multipurpose Training Centre.
2011: Export in Asian markets began.
2014: Quattroerre was chosen as Italian embassy field office for Confrérie des Sossons D'orvaulx.
2015: Collaboration with Cantina Sociale Bergamasca for an organic vineyard in Scanzorosciate, that is 10 hectares wide.
2016: Association with Otus Microbrewery in Seriate.




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