In-keg supply represents a back-to-origin, when wine was distributed in barrels. Packaging takes second place and wine becomes the real protagonist once again.

We have been supplying in-keg wines since 1985, guaranteeing the best pouring conditions to exalt the product qualities and original characteristics.

The advantages of supplying wine in small kegs

The usage of modern PET kegs and the tapping method allows us to distribute high-quality products at competitive prices, acquiring new clients and consumers.

  • Packaging and carriage costs reduction
  • Handling and storage ease
  • Deterioration risks reduction (freshness preservation)
  • Waste reduction
  • Efficient, quick and cost-effective service
  • Steady pouring quality (temperature, sparkling characteristics)
  • Competitive prices


PET Polykeg safety and quality

Polikeg is an innovative, disposable and eco-friendly, 100% PET container. It guarantees wine preservation during long-distance supply and perfect pouring quality.

  • Perfect wine protection
  • Best pressure resistance
  • Best pallet storage (easy and low-cost storage with no returned goods)
  • Excellent manageability
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Excellent shelf life thank to a special polymeric blend

Polykeg is disposable and respects EU and FDA legislations. It is excellent for both white or red, sparkling or still wines.