The new single batch beer by Otus Brewery

Craft beer is joy of life, with this statement Otus Brewery launches its latest creation: a beer to be tasted in front of a fireplace.
Imperial Coffee Stout 2017 is a single batch, a limited edition dark and strong beer, designed to warm up the upcoming winter convivial moments or to accompany your intimate meditations, by cradling you with its harmonious taste. This Stout is the last step of a journey by the craft brewery of Seriate among beer styles and just by pouring it, it is clear that it is a landmark: the glass is filled with a promising opaque black fluid crowned with a thick and compact hazelnut-coloured foam, that coddles your lips. The aroma, intense and embracing, leaves no doubts: this is a strong-character beer, that interprets the deepest spirit of its forefathers beyond the Alps. The high proof, the coffee and dark chocolate hints, paired with the marked creaminess, make this Imperial Coffee Stout a perfect beer for those who love both strong beers and silky sensations to the palate.

Craft beer makes us live extraordinary organoleptic experiences, stimulates new passions and gets us involved in sensual tastings, livening up conversations and conviviality, bursting into culture, pleasure and joy of life”, stated Anna Cremonesi, vice-president of the Otus board of directors. She sees the world of craft breweries as an economic and cultural phenomenon that has advanced the beer market in the last few years, by radically modifying the relationship between producers and consumers. Anna looks to the future with confidence: “During the last few decades the sector has levelled out the beer taste, looking for a consumers’ minimal satisfaction standard in order to cut costs. On the contrary, a craft brewery strives for the uniqueness of its products, gives back to beer its original sensory power, exploring endless taste variations derived from ingredients’ quality and their mixture in production techniques

Imperial Coffee Stout 2017 is the result of this way of interpreting the job of brewing, since it is a proper job, not a profession, because “craft beer, as the Otus slogan reminds us, is made with hands”, underlines Enrico Rota, business manager of Quattroerre.

The ability to combine a fearless creative spirit with a strict production and supply process is a characteristic of this young and dynamic business from Bergamo and who buys its products can rely on some fundamental professional rules: the certainty that the wished beer is right ripened and has the same organoleptic characteristics and the certainty of delivery. The craft inspiration does not compromise the business seriousness. Alessandro Reali, the Otus brewmaster, confirms it with crystal-clear words: “Famous beers, also the most innovative ones, are based on a deep knowledge of techniques improved during centuries, outcome of the calling of method, of the ability to make progress, day by day, by improving every single detail. It is necessary to translate expertise into strict operating protocols, transforming them into professional ethics”.

Top fermented

Reference style
Imperial Coffee Stout

8,5 % VOL.

120 EBC

40 IBU

Coffee and chocolate

Full-bodied beer, that is soft and silky to the palate with coffee, chocolate and dried fruit hints.

Interaction between taste and aroma